Museum to open new exhibition areas

Apr 20, 2009
On the 13th of May the Visitor Centre of the industrial history of Eibar will open its doors to the public.

On the 13th of May the second phase of the Arms Industry Museum will open: the Visitor Centre of the industrial history of Eibar. Covering 700 square metres, this new exhibition area will lead visitors through Eibar’s industrial past from the 14th century to the present day. The various sections will give those who enter the chance to discover at their leisure the economic and industrial evolution of the town: the origins of the metallurgic industry, commercial and productive activities, the guilds’ organisation, the first private enterprises, the industrialisation of the area and social movements, the new productive methods, among others. Special attention is given to the diversity of the products manufactured by workshops and factories in Eibar. Thanks to the generous donation of objects by local citizens, the museum can boast an interesting collection of bicycles, sewing machines, typewriters, household goods and other items that will not fail to surprise visitors. This museum also possesses a wide range of audiovisual resources which will help to illustrate the historical memory and the industrial heritage of our town. The inauguration will take place at 12 o’clock midday, and from then until the 24th of May, visitors may enter free of charge during normal opening hours.