Guidelines for the “1st Arms Industry Museum Merchandising Design Contest”

Jun 02, 2008
The Eibar town council has organised the first Arms Industry Museum Merchandising Design Contest. 2008 Edition.


The Eibar town council has organised the first Arms Industry Museum Merchandising Design Contest. 2008 Edition.


The competition is open to students and professionals of the field of advertising, design and industrial design. Participants may present their proposals individually or collectively.


The aim of the contest is the design and creation of merchandising products, made specially for this occasion, to be put on sale in the museum and therefore related to the theme of the museum. Products will be valued for their degree of creativity and commercial potential, must be patented or patentable in Spain and/or abroad, and production must be feasible. There is no limit to the number of designs that may be presented. The products must bear the museum logo and the word “Eibar”. Participants are free to choose whether to include the name of the museum.


Proposals must be submitted to the municipal office PEGORA, located in Unzaga Square in Eibar, by 13.30 on the 15th of September 2008. The envelope must be clearly marked with the following: “DISEÑO MERCHANDISING ARMAGINTZAREN MUSEOA MUSEO DE LA INDUSTRIA ARMERA”. Inside there must be: An envelope clearly marked with the slogan for each product design including:


Colour illustration of the product on DIN A3 using any technique, such as a sketch, drawing with wet or dry technique, digital image, photograph, among others.


Specifications of the project. Drawings of different angles of view and specifications sheet as well as an approximate economic study of its production and possible manufacturers. This CONCEPTUAL DESCRIPTION, together with the GRAPHIC REPRESENTATION, must be included in high-resolution jpg. format on a CD.

A second envelope clearly marked with the phrase “Details of Author + Slogan”, which must contain the participation card with the following details:

• Slogan • Name and Surname of author • Identity card number • Address and telephone number • E-mail address • Curriculum • Signature of Author


A jury will select the finalists from the work submitted by the participants. Finalists will be informed of the results via e-mail on the 19th of September, and these will be published on the museum website as well as in the press.


The jury will be chosen by the Organising Committee and will be made up of representatives of the Arms Association (Asociación Armera), the town council of Eibar and a specialist in industrial design.

Firstly, the jury will determine the admissibility of the proposals, ensuring that they comply with the contest requirements, and then the prize-winners will be chosen either unanimously or by majority vote. The decision of the jury will be final. The jury will explain the reasons for their choice in each case. Some prizes may remain unclaimed if the proposals submitted are not deemed to be worthy winners.

Selection Criteria

The jury will select those pieces which stand out for their innovation, functionality, and aesthetic and graphic finish. Special attention will be paid to ensure that prizes are awarded to those pieces or projects that can be mass produced. Finally, the jury will take into account the cost of the proposals submitted.


It is foreseen that five prizes, to a value of 360 € each, will be awarded to the five proposals chosen by the jury to be produced.

The entity organising the contest will assume all the intellectual and industrial rights of the chosen proposals, without the need for a specific concession of the same by the author, and will thus be in a position to reproduce, publish, sell, publicise, divulge and distribute the chosen product by any means currently existing or that may be created in the future and with no territorial or legal restrictions. The entity may register the design before the Spanish Office of Trademarks and Patents, the World Organisation of Intellectual Property, the Office for the Harmonization of the Domestic Market, or any other Industrial Property Office; or as Author’s right before the Register of Intellectual Property of Spain or any other office of Intellectual Property in any country. The entity will freely dispose of the selected proposal with the specific authority to concede or licence the industrial or intellectual rights to a third party, always respecting the Author’s rights as recognised in the Law of Intellectual Property. The chosen participant may not publish news, drawings and photographs of the winning proposal, nor authorise a third party to do the same, with the written permission of the entity.


The works that are not chosen must be withdrawn from the museum reception on 31st October, from 16.00 to 20.00. Any works that are not removed will be returned to the participants delivery pre-paid.


The Arms Industry Museum reserves the right to mention, publish, and or display the chosen pieces and any other work received as it may deem appropriate, with a view to publicising the event and mentioning the respective authors.


The results of the contest will be publicised as widely as possible in specialised magazines and among companies that may be interested in the work presented.


Participation in the contest implies the acceptance of these conditions. Work that is received once the deadline has expired or that does not meet the requirements laid out above will not be considered.


Further explanations concerning the conditions of participation are available at the Arms Industry Museum, until the closing date for the admission of participants.