International Museum Day

May 18, 2007
On the 18th of May, to celebrate the International Museum Day, you are invited to take part in the activities that are to be held that day in the Arms Industry Museum.
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Among the activities on offer will be a demonstration by teachers and pupils of the Eibar Apprentice School of the manufacturing process of a shotgun. For four hours, from 4 to 8 pm, these future gunsmiths and their teachers, as well as the engraver Javier Lopéz Goñi, will convert the museum into their workplace, display their skills and answer any questions visitors may wish to ask.

Entry will be free, and all visitors will receive a free gift.

With these activities the Arms Industry Museum joins the initiative in place since 1977 by which the ICOM (International Museum Board) celebrates the International Museum Day. For this XXIX edition the ICOM has adopted the slogan:

"Museums and universal heritage" Universal Heritage/ Individual Responsibility. Individual Heritage/ Universal Responsibility.

This slogan refers to the fact that the heritage of a people covers knowledge and attitudes as a focus of existence, including the environment, sciences, technology and the arts, as well as the inherent system of ideas and values that define the vision of the world, personal and collective perceptions and ways of life. It can be understood as a process of creation and renovation which guarantees continuity of matter, life, space and time.

Visiting museums this day is a way of actively participating in the celebration of 40,000 years of diverse creation of humanity and helping to safeguard our universal heritage.