The future Museum of Eibar will work closely with the local gunsmiths.

Oct 19, 2006
Thanks to the collaboration of the gunsmiths located in the town, Eibar arms production of the 21st century is going to have a place in the Arms Industry Museum.

The town councillor, Nerea Alustiza, and Marina Barrena, in charge of setting up the Museum, held a meeting with the local arms manufacturers to explain the project to them and to invite them to take part.

During the meeting they expressed their willingness to help, and as a result the Museum will have a large display cabinet showing the activity of this sector as it is in the present day. This cabinet will display hunting shotguns and sports arms made by prestigious local companies such as Aguirre y Aranzabal, Bereci, Cometa, El Reno, Garbi, Diego Godoy, Grulla Armas, GyC, Laurona, Maguregui, Norica, Parkemy, Pedro Arrizabalaga, Ugartechea and Zubillaga.