Astra model 4004 - Damascene Falcon

Astra semi-automatic pistol, caliber 9 x 17 mm short - 380 ACP and central percussion, model 4004 Falcon, damascened. Made in 1959.

Country of origin


Type of piece

semi-automatic pistol


Astra, Unceta y Compañía

Fabrication place

Gernika-Lumo, Bizkaia


Astra Mod. 4004 – Falcon; Damasquinada

Serial number



9 x 17 mm Corto (380 ACP) (Central percussion)

Shooting system


Simple action.

Operating system

Fixed barrel and closure by mass inertia.

Loading system

7-shot single-row magazine.

Type of safety system

Flipper safety, which locks the trigger.

Intermediate position safety of the percussive hammer. Magazine safety that blocks the trigger.

Cartridge in chamber indicator.

Length of canon

98,5 mm

Total length 

164 mm

Weight, unloaded

646 g

Type of scales

Of mother of pearl held by two screws.


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The Astra Mod.4000 Falcon semi-automatic pistol is considered the first pistol manufactured by this company with an external firing hammer.

The first prototype dates from 1955 and its production began in 1956 and ended in 1987.

They were made in three different calibers, 22 Long rifle,

7.65 mm and 9 mm short.

It was used by the Corps of Prison Officials, during the Franco Government.

It was widely exported to many countries in the Far East.

Although the pistol on this sheet is an Astra Mod.4000 Falcon, this type of pistol, made to order and with special finishes, was given a different name by the factory to distinguish it from the basic production models.

The type 4004 pistols that included this kind of damascening, very worked, had mother-of-pearl handles, in addition to being presented in a special case lined on the foot, the factory called them “Mod. 4004”.

The presented model was manufactured in 1959 (E1).