Olave, Solozabal y Cía, S.A. Manufacturas El Casco

The firm Olave, Solozabal y Cía, was founded on September 27, 1920 by two former workers of the firm Orbea y Cía, Don Juan Olave y Bilbao, a native of Eibar (Gipuzkoa) and Don Juan María Solozabal Mendive, a native of Markina (Bizkaia).

Its activity was initially focused on the manufacture of high-quality “Smith & Wesson” swing revolvers. During the years 1928 to 1930, he obtained several patents for innovation and improvement in swing revolvers registering in 1925 the brand “Bety” and in 1933 the brand “Standard” to distinguish all kinds of firearms. It is one of the firms that did not submit its production to the control of the Eibar Test Bank, being commercialized by the firm Ignacio Ugartechea Ugarteburu with the mark of its property since 1928, “El Casco”.

In 1930, “Olave, Solozabal y Cía” abandoned its arms activity to devote itself to the manufacture of office material; staplers, sharpeners, numerators and desktop objects, of recognized international prestige and with the brand “El Casco”, registered by these to his name in the heading of office material.