Eibar grows with the new century. 1900-1936

The transformation of the town, which had begun in the nineteenth century, is shown on an interactive panel. Starting with the urban development plan devised by Ramón Cortazar in 1903, visitors see how the new Eibar takes shape with the proliferation of large and small factories, the construction of new buildings such as the Town Hall or the Market or the covering of the River Ego.

The display revolves around the most important milestones in the first years of the century: the Armoury School and its pupils, destined to become the new generation of Eibar businessmen; Alfa and the birth of the cooperative; the Firing Range, with its firing bench, symbolising the consolidation of Eibar as an arms capital.

During this period, years of economic growth are succeeded by times of recession. The great depression of 1920 in the arms industry forced businesses to search for solutions. These were found in the diversification of production: bicycles, sewing machines, corkscrews, staplers? new objects which represent the success of arms producers in overcoming adversity.

This period of prosperity is brought to an end by the outbreak of the Civil War. Eibar is almost completely destroyed, razed to the ground by bombs and fire. A projection of original footage from the war separates the two phases.