Semi-automatic pistol Star Mod. D, embossed

Star semi-automatic pistol, caliber 9 x 17 mm short, chiselled. Made in 1932.

Country of origin


Part type

Semi-automatic pistol


Star Bonifacio Echeverría, S.A.

Fabrication place

Eibar, Guipúzcoa.


Semi-automatic pistol Star Mod. D, embossed

Serial number



9 x 17 mm Corto (Percusión central)

Firing system


Simple action.

Operating system

Classic Browning lock.

Tilting barrel by chain.

Opening with short recoil of the barrel.

Loading system

Single-row 6-shot magazines.

Type of safety system

Trigger lock safety.

Intermediate position safety of the percussive hammer.

Length of canon

76 mm

Total length 

140 mm

Weight, unloaded

490 g

Type of scales

White mother-of-pearl scales, with metal “STAR” logo, held in place by two chiselled screws.




Production of the Star Mod. D starts in 1922.

Two variants of the classic Mod. D themselves were manufactured, although the “D” series evolved over time with the DK, DKL and DKI models, all with Duralumin frames and in 9 Short calibers the first two and 7.65 mm. the last.

These were widely exported to the USA, where they enjoyed prestige as a personal defense weapon.

The pistol on this file belongs to the first variant of the classic Star Mod. D, manufactured from 1922 to 1926. It is the most exact version of the Star 1922 model, on a reduced scale, with a wing safety pin and a bird's-head hammer.

The luxury model presented in this card, finely worked with deep burin engravings, belongs to a batch of special pistols made by the Star house, ranging from number 26620 to 26625, both included.

It was manufactured in 1932, (E1).

It presents markings from the Official Test Bank of Eibar, made from July 9, 1931 to 1939: Test of small arms manufactured within tolerances and republican wall crown with the letters "F.E." both stamped on the barrel, at the height of the ejection port.