Semi-automatic pistol Star Mod. BM damascened

Star semi-automatic pistol, BM model, damascened. Made in Eibar in 1979

Country of origin


Part type

Semi-automatic pistol


Star- Bonifacio Echeverría, S.A.

Fabrication place

Eibar, Gipuzkoa


Star Mod. BM, damasquinada

Serial number



9 x19 mm Parabellum. (Center percussion)

Shooting system


Simple action.

Operating system

Classic Browning lock.

Tilting barrel by chain.

Opening with short recoil of the barrel.

Loading system

Single-row 8-shot magazines..

Type os safety system

Wing safety, which blocks the hammer and slide. Charger insurance. Intermediate position safety of the percussive hammer.

Length of canon

99 mm

Total length

182 mm

Weight, unloaded

965 g

Type of scales

De nacarina blancas, con iniciales damasquinadas y sujetas por dos tornillos.



The Star BM semi-automatic pistol, whose production started in 1971, can be considered as the compact version of the Star Mod.B.

Made entirely of forged steel, it was the standard weapon in the Spanish Civil Guard, General Police Corps (C.G.P), Army (E.T), Superior Police Corps (C.S.P) and National Police (P.N) until 1995, in which the Spanish Civil Guard and the General Police Corps withdrew from their endowments to replace the new Star Mod.28 DA and Star Mod. 30M pistols, both in cal. 9x19mm Parabellum.

The Star firm, through a commercial agreement, accepted the mod. BM withdrawn as part of the payment for the new models acquired by these two bodies.

The BM received, repaired and overhauled in the factory, were purchased by the North American Import - Export company Interarms in Alexandria (Virginia).

The luxury model that is the object of this card, damascened with floral motifs, scrolls and bird scenes, a work by María Jesús Berasaluce, a native of Eibar, was manufactured in 1979 (Y1).