Astra model 2002 - CUB engraved

Astra semi-automatic pistol, 22 caliber short, model 2002, engraved. Made in 1956.

Country of origin


Part type

Semi-automatic pistol


Astra, Unceta y Compañía

Fabrication place

Gernika-Lumo, Bizkaia


Astra Mod.2002-CUB; Embossed and silvered

Serial number



22 corto. (Ring percussioni.

Shooting system


Simple action.

Operating system

Fixed barrel and closure by mass inertia.

Loading system

Single-row 7-shot magazines.

Type of safety system

Flipper safety, which locks the trigger.

Length of barrel

57 mm

Total length 

112 mm

Weight, unloaded

360 gr.

Type os scales

White mother-of-pearl scales, held by a screw.




The Astra Mod.2000 CUB semi-automatic pistol is the renewed version of the Astra Mod. 200, in caliber 6.35 mm-25 ACP, which had been in production since 1920.

The first units of Mod. 2000 CUB were manufactured in 1954, in cal. 22 short, and later in 1956, in caliber 6.35 mm-25 ACP.

The changes with respect to its predecessor consisted of an external percussive hammer, a magazine safety and the position of the magazine access button located on the left grip.

The luxury model that is the object of this card, finely worked with a burin and with mother-of-pearl scales, was manufactured in 1956, (B1).

Most of these pieces were produced to order and depending on the quality of the artistic work done on them, they received different codes.

Thus, the 2001 had a chrome finish; 2002, etched and silvered; 2002-CR, chiseled and chromed; 2003 with deep engraving and finally 2004, with a damascened finish.