The swinging 60s.

Eibar enters the decade of the sixties as a modern industrial town in which a higher standard of living has reached both the household and the workplace. A number of televisions showing images of the film Eibar, an industrial town immerse us in the atmosphere of the swinging sixties.

Two displays, the household and the office, provide the backdrop to exhibit products manufactured in the sixties. Pencil-sharpeners, typewriters, office equipment, manual washing machines, irons, heaters, coffee makers. Eibar continues to produce consumer goods for a modern society.

In this room prominence is given to the automotive industry with the presence of Lambretta, the star of the sixties thanks to its versatility, low price and modern designand Motobic motorcycles.

The urban development begun in earlier decades does not stop in this period. On display are images of the Unzaga Tower, a unique construction raised in the very centre of the town that would become a symbol of the new Eibar.